We're always cooking something up.  Along with customer projects we're constantly baking up new ideas and testing the limits.  Check this page to see what things we have in store and review current projects in the bakery.  Check out the virtual Lab148 at the bottom of the page (Flash required)

Some Projects

Voxini is a startup that centralizes, summarizes and mobilizes social media outlets for organizations and people.  If you would like information on the project please contact us.

Astrohack is the chronicles of our near space Project Oryan and beta high altitude platform "HSA".  Check out the site to see some great images from the edge of our atmosphere. 


3DTelemetry is a GPS enabled application we created to allows users of popular OBDII scan tools to record track driving routes and overlay their vehicle data on a map via Google Earth (KML output).  3DTelemetry also offers an automatic GPS enabled Lap timer for the weekend track warrior.  Here's a video from our last test outing at VIR racetrack in Alton Virginia,  now that's fun.


3DTelemetry track testing

The Virtual Lab148

Step inside the virtual Lab148 below and see what's afoot in our digital playground.  Be patient,  it may take a few seconds to load,  there's allot going on in there.

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In the Bakery: