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Security eAudit

Increasingly network and system security pervades our everyday lives,  and for good reason.  Never before has it been more important for companies and organizations to protect their data and the data of their customers.  Lab148 has some of the top certified CISSP security professionals at your disposal for auditing existing networks and assisting your plans of integrating security from the ground up in new implementations.  Being good stewards of your own and customer data is not only important,  in many cases you can be legally responsible if negligent.  

Lab148 follows the CIA triad methodology when reviewing or engineering new systems.  Confidentiality,  Availability, and Integrity are the core fundamentals of a secure computing environment.  If your small to medium business does not have the budget for a full time security engineer contact us for a quick overview of what we can bring to the table.  If your large business already has a security staff we can also provide a third party assessment of your policies and procedures catered to your goals.

When we audit an organization we provide an objective assessment based on physical, logical and policy security up to and including penetration testing and social engineering tests on staff if applicable.   All assessments and audits are discussed fully prior to initiation with your company principals to know what to expect and results are protected by a Non-disclosure agreement to protect any results.  Your company will be provided with a high overview "grade" for briefing non technical principals and also a detailed briefing on discoveries for principal technical professionals on your staff.

Contact us to discuss an audit catered to your company.