Cloud and SaaS Methods

Cloud Computing

"Cloud Computing" refers to the use of Internet based computer technology for a variety of services.  It is a style of computing in which dynamically scalable

and often virtualised resources are provided as a service over the Internet on a pay-for-use basis, at a fraction of the cost of provisioning a traditional Data Center based solution.  All the costs associated with setting up a data center such as procuring a building, hardware, redundant power supply, cooling systems, upgrading electrical supply, and maintaining a separate Disaster Recovery site can be passed on to a third party vendor.

Since the customer is charged only for computer services used, cloud computing costs are a fraction of traditional technology expenditures.

Software As A Service

Software as a Service is a new software deployment model.  Traditionally software applications are hosted on clients hardware within their premises.  The client if forced to maintain both the hardware and software by performing continuous upgrades, patch releases, disaster recovery testing and software license management.  Under SaaS, a third party vendor will host the hardware and software in their data center and charge the client a standard monthly fee based on utilization for these services. 

For example, Email has become a essential communication service for all businesses.  Rather than every company hosting their own Email server (e.g. Microsoft Exchange server), third party vendors such as Google are providing an Email service hosted in their data centers.  As an authorized reseller of Google services,  Advanced Telepresence will charge a flat monthly fee for the services you utilize, which are accessible via the internet.  This model provides significant cost savings to the client.

Let us harness the power of Google Apps for your business!