About Us


Advanced Telepresence LLC started in 1999 in Greenville NC as a small group of tech savvy e-entreprenuers to deliver smart and scalable solutions to small business and government.  A/T excels at delivering customers solutions encompassing the entire gamut of technology including network design and infrastructure,  web application design,  application design, content management/collaboration, and prototyping. 


Our goal is simple, to leverage the real-world experience of our highly trained and experienced engineers to keep our customers productive and current in this fast paced digital world.  Over the course of the years Advanced Telepresence has enjoyed dedicating  its cumulative industry experience to many customers including various startup companies,  the U.S. Department of Defense,  the U.S. Department of State and others.
Highly Certified

Our engineers hold some of the highest regarded industry certifications available in addition to invaluable real world experience. 

Limited Contract Customers

Sounds a bit counter intuitive, doesn't it?  We actually limit our customer base for a number of reasons, but primarily for quality of service to the client.  We still believe that a long term relationship with one customer is better than a short term relationship with 5 clients.  But don't worry,  we're currently accepting new clients.  If your project or goals are not a match we will be happy to help find the industry expert who can at no charge.

And of course there is Giligan,  our resident lab bot.  He's not highly trained but can recognize a Coca-cola can and avoid some obstacles on his own while rolling around.  (He's still in training)